Plasmado LED Kit
This LED kit was developed for a Guy Manuel Daft Punk helmet for Halloween. The entire rig was developed to use all the LED boards necessary to light up the entire helmet including the 'fan lights', 'middle marquee', and 'chin grid'. Two additional LED boards complete the final lighted scheme (one for each ear).

Please note, that I am not selling this kit assembled or even complete with all the parts mentioned in this website as the time it takes to complete does not justify a reasonable price to the users. Instead, I am only selling the bare PCBs and providing guidance on how to finish the LED rig with instructions described in this website.

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Fan LED Boards LED boards for the fan bar lights. Each bar has 4 LEDs that light up in unison when power is applied. All 16 boards are attached to 1 LED driver (2 boards per channel).
Chin Boards These boards provide a middle marquee and lights for the bottom chin grid. These are two distinct boards and are a mirror of each other. The marquee section for each board is connected to one LED driver. One channel is connected to each LED column in the each board respectively.

The chin display area is connected to another LED driver. In this case, each channel is connected to an LED row (4 channels per board).
LED Driver These are the 'brains' of the entire kit. Each is an 8-channel LED driver with multiple pre-programmed animation schemes specifically designed to give each helmet component the best sequence.

  • ON/OFF
  • Pre-programmed animation schemes
  • 9 Animation Speeds
  • Bright and Dim Modes
  • Enable/Disable - Auto-Power Off mode
  • Cycle and Continous animation modes
Board "A" carries one LED for the main ear light. This board also contains resistors necessary to run smaller (3mm LEDs for the bottom ear frame [red & green]

Board "B" is a transistor box that makes the lights in the marquee possible.
Control Box This project control box houses the batteries used to power all the LED boards. The entire LED kit uses 6 x AA batteries providing a +9V system. The interface has an ON/OFF button to for the entire LED kit and a momentary button to switch/program the fan bar lights. There is also a 4 wire ribbon cable that comes out of the box (not shown) to the LED board boards.
Project box dimensions are: 68mm (W) x 115mm (H) x 25mm (D)